Raquel Reed is a contemporary fashion designer whose design philosophy revolves around innovative twists of modern-day classics. She also takes inspiration from the Victorian era.

Currently based in Atlanta, Raquel has studied BA in Fashion Merchandising and Marketing from the University of Southern Mississippi. Before launching her label, Raquel had been working with various fashion magazines. She has done innovative photoshoots for Atlanta-based fashion/culture magazines such as Upscale and Sheen Magazine.

Raquel was working as a subscription coordinator at the Grip Magazine in 2007, putting her marketing skills to use. Deep down, however, she always wanted to work in fashion. She eventually got her chance and worked her way from a subscription coordinator to a fashion editor at the magazine quickly.

Raquel also participated in Easter Seals annual designer competition and received the Prestigious RAWards Fashion Designer of the Year Award in 2012. She then went on to work as a stylist for independent films and celebrities and has successfully styled celebrities such as Jennifer Hudson, Tatyana Ali, and Trina Braxton.

Raquel always said, ‘“I have a passion for fashion.’ She stayed true to her passion and launched her label Raquel with the namesake collection of RAQUEL. This collection was designed with a lot of love and was an ode to Raquel’s younger self when she used to create clothes for herself.

Raquel’s design philosophy revolves around the innovative twist of modern-day classic dressing for contemporary women on the go. The foundation inspiration of her brand derives from the Victorian Period. She is excellent with the use of innovative fabrics. Raquel is great at playing with different fabrics and textures to produce edgy and innovative designs that stand out.

For Raquel, her collection is like her baby. She visualizes it, develops the vision, then creates the blueprint, and finally gives birth to these ideas by producing the different chic outfits. She has come out with five innovative and exciting collections since the launch of her brand.

Raquel has also worked on sets for the prestigious GQ magazine and styled celebrities such as Queen Naija, Latto, Baby Tate, Citygirls, etc. Her design has also been featured in People magazine.

Raquel started her tailoring and alterations service in 2010 under the name of Alterations by Raquel to cater to customers’ unique tailoring needs. She is located at Lenox Park Boulevard in Atlanta and can help you with all your clothing woes.

Raquel launched her own label in 2006 with the website, raquelthelabel.com. After gaining valuable experience from working in different capacities at fashion magazines, creating her own brand was the only way forward. It gave Raquel a chance to showcase her talent, creativity, and uniqueness to the world.

She started off with her namesake collection in 2005 which featured bold cuts in flattering silhouettes and vibrant colors. Since then, there has been no looking back. Raquel has launched five collections successfully and her designs have been widely popular, with one even featured in People magazine.

Raquel felt the need to have her own clothing line as she wanted to create something different, something bold and sexy that a confident, contemporary woman could wear and stand out from the crowd.

As an extension of her brand, in 2010, Raquel also launched her alterations service under the website, alterationsbyraquel.net, which aims to offer customization of dresses purchased from Raquel as well as alterations to any dress a customer needs. She offers tailoring services too to ensure anything you wear looks flattering on your body type. She is located at Lenox Park Boulevard in Atlanta.